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Intersectional hearts for empowerment

A child using the SECCA app under the supervision of an adult


Supporting equal rights to respectful relationships and safe sexual expression through education and empowerment.

Girl holding an educational card
The SECCA app displayed on a tablet device
Image of the Crowd at a SECCA event

Missing intersectional care

Having a healthy sexuality is not mutually exclusive with disability. Everyone has questions about relationships and sexual life, yet for those living at the intersection of disability, mental health, social services and criminal justice systems, there is an inequitable access to good answers. Common resources often lack in sensitivity to compounding effects on those already more vulnerable to exclusion and abuse – to the detriment of our shared civic life. As a parent of a child with disability, Suzanne Paust understood the need for change in influencing proactive models for support.

Together we can

With Juana Terpou and Sue Crock, Paust founded the award-winning not-for-profit SECCA to address the gap in community access to learning about relationships, sexuality and sexual health through education, counselling, consultancy and advocacy. Since 2012, Mars has supported SECCA’s impact with strategic planning, communications and design, including the SECCA app, resource development, event management, annual reporting and advocacy campaigns.

Make impact

Mars’ collaboration secured funding, co-development and delivery of the landmark SECCA app, a free tool that helps teachers, health professionals and trusted adults deliver relationships, protective and sexuality education in a safe and supported way. Its 2018 launch was supported with a 3-month campaign and attended by state ministers across sectors. With ongoing commitment, the App and scope of SECCA’s work has potential for global reach, application and impact.

Services: Branding, Website, App, Illustration, Video, Social media, Event, Communications, Education

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We have worked with Media on Mars for 10+ years and have found them to be not only incredibly professional, efficient and talented at every facet of their work, but passionate storytellers who truly support the work and mission of small organisations. The high quality nature of their work has helped our organisation to become a well-recognised, elevated our message and taught us the power of branding familiarity.

Jordina Quain, Education Director, SECCA

Educational cards used in SECCA resources
Drawn image of a person using the SECCA app on a tablet
SECCA website screenshot

Mindful illustration

Mars recognised that common illustrations used in sexual health resources lacked in the details needed to support meaningful learning for young people with intellectual disabilities and learning difficulties. Designing with SECCA sought to improve on accessibility standards with simple and emotive facial expressions, engaging colours, and contextual details.

Promotional material of screenshots of the SECCA app
A person using the SECCA App on a tablet device
Drawn image of a multicultural group of four people using in the SECCA App

Resourceful App

The App comes pre-loaded with over 2,000 illustrated and photographic tiles and almost 200 pre-loaded lessons and lesson plans, all aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.

Hanging poster of marketing material for the SECCA App

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