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Centring Disability Rights in our digital lives

Group photo of award winners at the Australian Access Awards of 2021

Centre for Accessibility Australia

One of Australia’s leading accessibility organisations is actualising an inclusive world at the forefront of the Digital Accessibility movement.

A woman in a wheelchair being interviewed by another woman
Behind-the-scenes photo of Dr Scott Hollier being interviewed at the photo shoot
Presentation of an award at the 2019 Australian Access Awards

Accessing human rights

Our relationship with technology is rapidly evolving. Shaped by recent global events, we are more digitally connected than ever before. Access to the internet is more than the sum of its parts: it means independence and participation in daily life. Our digital spaces, like our physical world, have design barriers that exclude and impact people with disabilities, who represent up to 20% of the world’s population. From lived experience of visual impairment, Dr. Scott Hollier understood the need to reduce our digital access gap.

Together we can

Together with DADAA, Dr. Hollier partnered with Mars to found and launch the visionary not-for-profit Centre for Accessibility Australia in 2017. Proudly disability led and run, CFA provides advocacy, research, training and auditing services, and pioneered the Australian Accessibility Awards to nationally champion the Digital Accessibility movement. Mars understood the unique expertise and experience of Dr. Hollier and his team, continuing to support organisational growth and strategy to make change.

Make impact

Mars’ has seen the co-development of the ‘Friends of CFA’ membership model to engage participation in action, the launch of inaugural biennial Australian Access Awards with local to international speakers, nominations and investment, gold standard accessible design and promotional kit to authentically capture the voices of lived experience in leadership, seeing Dr. Hollier nominated for the Australian of the Year award, and holistic operational and advocacy growth in successful grant investment for multi-activity national accessibility projects.

Services: Social venture, Branding, Website, Photography, Video, Social Media, Communications, Event Management

Dr Scott Hollier at the 2019 Access Awards

Last night I showed the project to the Board, who were also extremely happy, even a bit emotional at just how effective CFA Australia is at hitting the mark in such a short time.

Dr Scott Hollier, Founder, Centre for Accessibility Australia

Two men having a conversation
Centre for Accessibility Australia logo
Centre for Accessibility Australia logo
Group shot of the crowd at the 2019 Australian Access Awards

Leading with lived experience

Mars’ programmes and event manages the biennial Australian Access Awards to bring together the disability community with public, business, government and not-for-profit sectors in celebrating Australian success stories in digital accessibility. These events centre lived experience with presentations and performances by leaders in the disability community.

People on stage smiling at the 2021 CFA Access Awards
Australian Access Awards winner design logo
A man in a wheelchair giving a speech beside a deaf translator

Access meets digital

The Centre for Accessibility Australia design sought the connection between braille and pixel motifs as a visual language for digital accessibility.

Centre for Accessibility Australia marketing collateral
Photo shoot of theatre performers

Other projects

Strategic communication for social change.

A group of IDEA Academy students at a table

Rethinking education for tomorrow’s makers

A child using the SECCA app under the supervision of an adult

Intersectional hearts for empowerment

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