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Rethinking education for tomorrow’s makers

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Inspiring a social enterprise to help young people meet their educational gaps with real world, impactful learning.

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Systemic issues with education

68% of Western Australian students reported school did not adequately prepare them for life after graduation. By 2025, the World Economic Forum suggests 50% of the workforce will need reskilling due to evolving changes and a growing gap between education systems and labour markets. When traditional systems do not support our future generations, Behaviour Change Collective understood the need to rethink and influence change in alternative education.

Together we can

Behaviour Change Collective partnered with Mars to launch their vision for IDEAcademy. IDEA is an academy for young innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives aged 15–21 years, to engage in a blended learning environment driven by students’ interests, while brokering pathways to further education and employment. Since 2019, Mars supported the development and launch of the IDEA 2022 pilot program, engaging 15 students in pathways outside of traditional schooling.

Make impact

IDEAcademy is an unconventional approach in a traditional system. The needs and benefits of alternative education pathways needed to be effectively communicated to engage stakeholders with the IDEA pilot, and Mars’ recognised the value of hearing from first-hand experience and emphasise emerging global trends in education. The pilot campaign was designed to platform testimonials from students, parents and educators with impactful videography, imagery and design, to communicate its value and support ongoing enrolments and investment.

Services: Branding, Website, Photography, Video, Social media, Communications

Portrait of Nicole Gazey

I just want to say thank you so much for working like creative genius, workhorse troopers. Your generosity, chilled yet professional demeanour and above all the care you provide is extraordinary – this is Media on Mars’ secret sauce and when you are ready we want to be a part of getting the word out there.

Nicole Gazey, Founder, Director IDEAcademy

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Dynamic design for innovative thinkers

Tomorrow’s graduates need to be collaborative and innovative, as is Mars’ approach. The IDEAcademy website is dynamic to evolve in content to support new programs with integrated video creation to communicate and showcase the power of alternative secondary education pathways, centring innovation, design and entrepreneurialism.

Case study design mockup for IDEA Academy
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Behind-the-scenes image of a photography shoot for Idea Academy.

Other projects

Strategic communication for social change.

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Intersectional hearts for empowerment

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